Personal maths tuition in Winchester

Tel: 01962 821382


Maths tuition for Years 9, 10 & 11 GCSE students


Sorry but all my tuition slots for academic year 2019/2020 are taken

Information current at 16 October 2019

Please email, or call on 01962 821382.

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About Winchester Maths

As a maths tutor, I try to build every student's confidence by helping them discover that maths is great. I love maths. I want to inspire students to find the fun and see the magic.

A good understanding of maths is essential both for life and as a foundation for many aspects of higher education. A good GCSE grade is vital for all further education and career opportunities. It opens the door!

Many maths skills should be learned at an early age and it is important that they are mastered well. However it is never too late to build these skills, even at secondary school. If a student is struggling with maths then I will help fill in the gaps in their understanding and give encouragement to restore their confidence. As a personal tutor, I have the flexibility to go back to earlier topics, to explain any misunderstandings and to reinforce previous knowledge.

If students are already good at maths then I can help them to higher achievement. If they just need that little bit more assistance in some areas, then I can help.

My aim is to work with students to achieve not only success at school and college, but also to equip them for life.